Question: What is being designed by the API?

MN: on April 14th ago, we had talked about the dream of peasant organizations, how to build an organization to improve the bargaining position of farmers. For that many of the problems that must be corrected.

Q: What are the problems?

MN: Issues concerning aspects of farming cocoa cultivation and seed quality.

Q: How is the solution?

A:First, improve the quality of cocoa at the farm level, the two developed the capability of production, post-harvest processing. Then engage with third parties, to ensure that the selling price of cocoa could be beneficial.

Q: How Development Model?

M: Through careful planning; Marketing by establishing “Koperasi” . Further more, the “Koperasi” will negotiate with buyers to make sure the price could fit the general prices, or even above the general price. This mechanism is expected cocoa prices to be more stable and profitable for farmers.

To run it, need to build an internal mechanism to control the board. This can be done by farmer groups.

Jakarta, on May – 2012